We are proud to be building something today that you and your family will cherish for years to come. Through every project we take on, we confidently uphold our five company core values of safety, quality, dependability, innovation, and relationships. These values are not only ingrained in our work, but they are a part of our essence as a company. 


Since 1981, Silver Star Construction has proven that we are the leaders in construction. Our values-based leadership approach enables us to take pride in every aspect of our work. We are confident in our ability to exceed expectations and deliver unmatched quality.



Our asphalt operations are the experts in delivering top-quality asphalt paving and milling services. We take pride in our extensive experience and knowledge in this field, which enables us to provide exceptional workmanship and results. We understand the importance of delivering a durable and long-lasting asphalt surface that meets our clients' exact specifications. From residential driveways to large commercial parking lots, we've got you covered with our expert solutions. Trust us to take your next asphalt project to the next level with unwavering confidence in our abilities and commitment to excellence.


We are experts in concrete operations, offering specialized services in curb, and gutter solutions. Our team has unparalleled confidence in our ability to deliver high-quality, durable projects that exceed your expectations. We are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques that allow us to provide superior results within your timelines. Whether you need a commercial, residential or municipal project, we've got you covered.


Our earthwork operations are experts in handling mass excavation and fine grading. We have a team of proficient professionals who have extensive experience in their field. Our top-notch equipment and advanced technology help us to perform these operations efficiently, delivering impeccable results every time. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle complex projects and provide the best service possible to our valued customers.


Silver Star Construction is the pinnacle of employee ownership.
Our team is made up of the most ambitious and confident individuals,
who know that their contribution to our company is what drives us forward.
When you join us, you are joining a team that is dedicated to your success
and the success of our company. We believe in empowering our team to
make decisions and take ownership of their work, knowing that it will
enhance the future of everyone involved.